North Leeds Masonic Centre at The Allerton

Three Roses Lodge No 7110 is the only Lodge at the Allerton which meets during the daytime, starting meetings at 11-30am. We meet on the second Wednesday of March, April, May, October, November and December. Our Installation takes place at our October meeting.

It was consecrated on the 23rd October 1951 at Castle Grove Masonic Hall although subsequent meetings were held at Leeds Masonic Hall, Great George Street, until the move to the Allerton in 1990. The Lodge was sponsored by Fidelity Lodge although it had no direct link to them as it was initially restricted to managerial members of staff and pensioners of the Yorkshire Penny Bank. That situation prevailed until 1997 when it was resolved by the members to open membership to non Bank members and all were welcomed. That decision was taken at the same time that the Lodge moved its meeting times to Lunchtime in an effort to attract new members.

Some of the original Bank members are still active but the Lodge now has a good mix, giving a cross section of members from other trades and professions, many of whom are retired.

If you are member of another Lodge, a lapsed member or just interested in finding out more of what Freemasonry might offer, why not get in touch and come along and meet us. Please use the Centre’s Contact Us page and confirm that you are wish to contact Three Roses Lodge.


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